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Save your Liver Today Project in Koforidua

2 Billion People have been infected with Hepatitis B Worldwide. Without intervention, approximately 15% to 40% of chronically infected individuals will eventually develop cirrhosis, end-stage liver disease or hepatocellular carcinoma, or require liver transplantation.

Ghana has been grouped as part of the areas of the world where the prevalence of chronic HBV infection is high (≥8 %).

On Saturday, 9th September, 2017, 9 members of DoctorsAct team conducted a talk and screening exercise at Asokorekuma, Koforidua. Present were 73 people.

The program was in three parts. The talk, where we educated the public on the infection and answered all questions. The screening, where we test the public for the virus free at no charge. Those who test negative were encouraged to vaccinate (if not done already).

Individuals who tested positive were invited for further investigations and management.

48 people requested for the vaccination which we will be doing on 17th September, 2017. A vaccination card will be provided and we will follow up with all who take part in the vaccination.

We look forward to helping increase the awareness of the disease and putting in the necessary preventive measures.

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