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Thank you. God bless you.

We at DoctorsAct want to thank you for your generous contribution, prayers and support for Beauty in Small Deeds Project (BiSD) Bibiani, 2016. This wonderful story couldn't have been written without you.

Ghana’s doctor-patient ratio is approximately one doctor to 15,259 patients in a year while other statistics gives the ratio to be 1:10,380 as against the World Health Organization’s revised standard for Ghana to be a Ratio of about 1:600. The situation from both figures are very much alarming and even gets bad with rural patient to doctor ratio where no matter the background of a doctor whether he is a specialist or not, deals with anything that comes to the hospital as witnessed in some cases.

The Beauty in Small Deeds project, aimed at addressing the health challenges of rural individuals and the communities at large. The project offered free healthcare to about 2000 adults in the Sefwi-Ahnwiaso Traditional area, Ghana.

DoctorsAct Ghana is also planning vocational training programs for the youth as part of our community projects. We are organizing carpentry and bead-making training for the youth.

We hope to see you support these programs to help assist the less privileged youth in these communities.

To you, kind heart, many feel fortunate because of your generosity. You gave so much love, and we cannot express our gratitude by any words. On behalf of all the people of Bibiani, I would like to say, “Thank you, and God richly bless you.

Through you, God’s love reached the many who are in difficulties and in need.

Brand Manager,

DoctorsAct Ghana.

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