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Stupino (Moscow Region) Inner City Missions

DoctorsAct in collaboration with HelpSomebody Movement, Sechenov Malaysian Students Association (SMSA) on Saturday 18th July organized their first ever joint inner city project to a homeless shelter in the outskirts of Moscow.

This project sought to bring free clothes, care packs (tooth pastes, tooth brushes, underwears, bath towels) and medical care to inhabitants of the homeless shelter. Used/pre-loved clothes and shoes were collected from various campuses in Moscow. The team comprising of 19 volunteers, started the 110 km journey at 9:50 am from the Luzshniki Sports Complex.

The team arrived at the shelter at 13:30 and was welcomed by the management of the shelter.

The day's main activities kicked off with sorting of clothes and set-up of the screening area.

At 14:00 work began with beneficiaries being attended to by medical students at the OPD station.

Here our student volunteers recorded the vitals of all beneficiaries. From the OPD station, they proceeded to the consulting area, where our able doctors took their complaints, attended to them and gave medical advice. Beneficiaries were also screened for diabetes. The main cases that were attended to are Deep Vein thrombosis, cardiovascular diseases, chest infections, wounds, musculoskeletal pain.

The wound treatment center also cleaned and dressed the wounds of beneficiaries who came with such cases.

All beneficiary, who are mainly homeless individuals taken from train stations in Moscow, were given free new and clean underclothes, tooth pastes, tooth brushes and food items by kind courtesy of HelpSomebdy and through the generous donations of volunteers.

The joint project benefited 120 homeless individuals.

After work, the whole team joined the shelter of the shelter for a music concert. The day came to an end with a general group picture with the management and inhabitants of the shelter.

DoctorsAct is grateful to all who supported and donated to make this project successful.

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