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Teams on the field

Our commitment and passion to show love drives the content of our programs, guides our ethics and characterizes the teams we have.  Being a member of DoctorsAct offers an opportunity to carve your name on hearts of many who can't repay you back.

When you join our team, you'll have the opportunity work with hundreds of volunteers of diverse backgrounds and experiences from all around the world who commit to actively seek the well being of the many less privileged.

Find your place!


The nurses team during our missions and screening events are responsible for recording basic demographic information of patients.They take vitals such as height, temperature, blood pressure, pulse, body mass index, oxygen saturation etc. Wounds are also dressed by nurses. The nurses team have training prior to missions to get members acquainted with normal routines. In general, everyone can find a place in this team.


This team consists of qualified medical doctors who are responsible for taking patients’ complaints; history, making necessary physical examinations and concluding on a probable diagnosis. Upon diagnosing, our doctors prescribe the necessary management for patrons of our programs. They also perform simple/basic medical procedures or refer cases which cannot be resolved on the field to collaborating hospitals.


The diagnostics team is responsible for testing and examining patients’ blood and urine samples. The tests we ran during missions included Rapid Diagnostic Test for malaria, blood glucose, urine dipstick test, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, haemoglobin electrophoresis for sickle cell disease and pregnancy tests. The are also in charge of electrocardiography and other instrumental diagnostic tests.


The dispensary or pharmacy team is responsible for the distribution of drugs prescribed by the doctors. The members of this department also make sure that patients clearly understand how they are to take their medications.

Public Education & Research

The public understanding the diseases that harm and kill them is very important to DoctorsAct. We put a lot of emphasis on our public health talks as the question and answer sessions gives us the room to address many myths locals associate with diseases. This team plan these talks, develop infographics to make communication easier, and are in-charge of data collection and management during our programs.

Youth & Kids Ministry

DoctorsAct is committed to helping the young in making the very best choices. As part of our missions program, we hold talks with the youth and pupils in schools about career choices, avoiding peer pressure, reproductive healthcare among others. Whilst medical screening is in progress, kids are educated, entertained by the kids team.


The counseling team advise the people on general hygiene, preventive methods for various diseases and confirms how best patients understand how medications are to be taken. Thy also provide mental health support to our patrons who are identified to be in need of this service.


Sometimes referred to as "traffic control", this teams work is very important to the success of any missions trip. On the field, they control the crowd and direct the people as they come in to access our services. They pay particular attention to the physically challenged, aged, pregnant women, and children.

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