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Through close to a decade of experience from flagship Beauty in Small Deeds projects, DoctorsAct has developed a model that addresses the health needs of disadvantaged communities. Our unique model that involves an active search and research of very deprived communities and health issues that need people-centered community based approaches. This is followed by a visit to these communities and implementation of interventions that pays more attention to women, children, physically challenged, the elderly, and chronic diseased patients. We measure our results and establish a follow up system to evaluate our work. Our model is committed to building the capacities of locals to take charge of their health than bringing on an entirely new system. This has proven to be successful and has been adopted by other NGOs working locally.


  • Areas with lacking primary healthcare access or high incidence/prevalence in our specialised disease-areas.

  • Establish contacts with community leaders.


  • Visit the communities or group of people.

  • Give special attention to women, people with disabilities, and children.


  • Provide public health education, quality medical care, and counseling.

  • Follow up systems to sustain and evaluate intervention.


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