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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can go on missions?

Missions is open to anyone 18 years and above and healthy. You don't have to be an African. You just have to be ready to serve.

2. Is DoctorsAct for doctors?

No! DoctorsAct is for everyone with a heart.  Students from all backgrounds, accountants, social workers, engineers, designers, people from the creative arts industry, teachers and everyone is welcome to help make a change in the lives of people. Find out about our various teams here.

3. I'm not in Ghana or Zimbabwe, are there any arrangements for me?

We are ready to assist you from getting your visa, flight arrangements, hotels, fixing your accommodation in a local home, providing assistance with the vaccinations you will need, and making your stay in Ghana or Zimbabwe a memorable one.

4. Do I have to pay?

No! But, volunteers are encouraged to pay USD $100 (or its equivalent) which we use to cater for your accommodation for one week, feeding (minimum 3 times a day), stationery and transportation during the missions. Kindly note that volunteers arriving from outside Ghana or Zimbabwe are responsible for purchasing their flight tickets.

5. What do I need to carry?

After registering online, you will receive a list with the basic things you will need on the field. Register here.

6. Will I get a certificate at the end of missions?

All volunteers and partners will receive official certificates of appreciation/participation right after missions.

7. Will it be all about medical screening?

No, aside the screening (medical outreach), we have special youth empowerment workshops, a program for the kids, a social entrepreneurship project, public health talks and counseling sessions. You are invited to take part in any area of your interest. You can propose more activities using this form.

8. I cannot come for missions, how can I help?

You can assist the team with fund raising, soliciting for gifts for the villagers and kids, with your prayer, and spreading the news on social media. We value every little way you can support us. Donate here.

9. Are there any ways I can donate apart from the ones mentioned on the website?

Yes, we can make arrangements to receive your donation. Please send a mail to

10. Will I receive any details about what exactly to expect?

All registered volunteers will receive a pre-departure  package addressing aspects like ethics, communication, security, emergency and the fieldwork.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

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