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About us

Our mission

To join hands with local communities to meet the health needs of the deprived by providing preferential medical care.

Our approach

Capacity building

we partner with locals and provide skills and tools needed to strengthen existing health-based programs.

Right to health

we believe everyone has the right to standard healthcare without financial suffering and that is what we provide to out-of-reach communities.


we generate quality data from all our programs to assess the depth of health problems and advise or design effective interventions.

Holistic approach

we understand the strong roles of social determinants in health so our holistic approach employs community-based social entrepreneurship, educational, and mental well-being perspectives to addressing health needs.


we look out for the most efficient, sustainable, and scalable measures to address different health problems.

Our story

DoctorsAct was born in born in Russia by a group of medical students from Africa. They were driven by their love for God and the success stories of similar missions in other deprived areas.

The medical missions is termed Beauty in Small Deeds (BiSD) as we realized as a team that you don't have to be super equipped to reach out to someone. We believe that we can use the little we have to touch lives and make significant impact in people's lives.BiSD missions project is to bring medical screening right to the doorstep of rural inhabitants who would have had to travel long distances to access medical care. We have successfully met the needs of over 25,000 people from rural Ghana, South Sudan, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and South Africa.

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